Caritas Chamber Chorale is dedicated to serving the poorest of the poor
through the art of sacred choral music.

Caritas Chamber Chorale's 2024 Campaign for Food

Thank you to those who have donated during this crisis. Please continue your prayers for our children, and for peace.

To donate by check, make check payable to
Caritas Chamber Chorale
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Your donation to the Adorno Fathers' Mission to help feed the children during this crisis is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Letter of thanks from the Gianni Diurni School 6.20.24

Your donations have sustained our children to the end of the school year. Please read this letter of thanks from the director and teachers of The Gianni Diurni School: It is with a heart full of gratitude...

July Update - White House announces a temporary truce in Eastern Congo

"... The truce, beginning at midnight local time on Friday [July 5] and to extend through July 19, covers areas where the conflict most affects civilian populations ..." Continue Reading.

June 2024 UPDATE - Drones and heavy weapons

"Heavy weapons [cause] a steady stream of wounded civilians...suffering here is really distressing..." Continue reading.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambasador: "The staggering scale of the conflict in eastern DRC, the horrific level of violence, and its devastating impact on the children and women I met is heart-wrenching..." Continue reading.

May 2024 UPDATE - Bombing of displaced persons

"Eighteen people were killed and 32 wounded on Friday [May 3] when at least five rockets fell on camps sheltering displaced people around the eastern Congolese city of Goma ..." Continue reading.

"The Congolese Bishops ... condemned 'with the utmost vigor this barbarity which constitutes a denial of humanity and reminds perpetrators that human life is sacred and belongs to God ...' [They invited] the armed group, M23, to lay down arms 'because one cannot claim to save the Congo by killing the Congolese people.'” Read more.

April 2024 UPDATE - The crisis in Goma escalates.

See this overview of the Crisis in Goma.

"...The influx of refugees into Goma has seen a spike in the prices of basic commodities and a disruption in health services. Local activist John Anibal of the LUCHA civil society group warns that 'the situation is at its worst and war is at the door.' The escalation of violence is characterized by a significant increase in the use of explosives, shelling, and air raids..." Continue reading.

"[UN diplomat] Bintou Keita [informed the] UN Security Council ... that 'One Congolese person out of four faces hunger and malnutrition.'" Continue reading.

All this obviously affects our school children. We ask for your support to at least keep them fed. Thank you.

March 2024 Update - the Crisis Continues

"The Democratic Republic of Congo's conflict-driven hunger crisis is worsening as violence in the eastern provinces surges, forcing families to flee once again. More and more people are arriving at overcrowded camps where there is a lack of food, sanitation and shelter." Continue reading.

Feb. 2024, Gianni Diurni School: Our children are hungry

As domestic refugees continue to flock into Goma fleeing violence elsewhere, the armed rebel group M23 has blockaded roads. Few supplies can get into the city. The price of goods, including food, has risen dramatically.

Children are arriving at the Gianni Diurni School without having eaten, since their families cannot afford the escalating prices. Read more on the crisis.

Read the appeal from the teachers: To all people of good will.

Since it is impossible to teach a hungry child, we are pleading for your financial support now, so the school can provide something for these children to eat.

Since its founding in 2005, Caritas Chamber Chorale has sung concerts for the benefit of the Adorno Fathers St. Francis Caracciolo Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. Since 2011, Caritas has specifically supported the African Missions' Gianni Diurni Primary School in Goma. This school serves children of all faiths, who otherwise would have little opportunity for education. In 2020, Caritas expanded its support to include the orphanage Foyer de l’enfance Paolo Di Nardo.


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Thank you for your continued support of the Adorno Fathers' African Mission and the Gianni Diurni Primary School in Goma, DRC.

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