Junghee Kim, Soprano

Growing up in Korea, music was a part of both family life and faith for Junghee Kim. Singing and playing together every day bound her family together, so much so that they participated in the Holy Family Singing Contest. She loved listening to her dad play the guitar and even now, he continues to play traditional Korean music, and the guitar and harmonica at church.

By elementary school, Junghee’s gift for singing became apparent. As a sixth grader, she represented her school in the finals of a Children's Song Contest in Busan, receiving a bronze medal. As a college student in Korea, she was a church band leader and vocalist and choir soprano and during a year she spent in Japan, she participated in the Tokyo Choir. She has also released an album of prayer songs.

Junghee majored in engineering and Japanese, and received her master's degree in TESOL (English as a Second Language). She worked as a teacher and a school owner for 13 years. While working and starting a family (Junghee is the mother of two small boys), she was unable to continue with her music. After moving to New Jersey last year, she fell in love with music all over again, while substitute teaching in the East Brunswick Schools and hearing the orchestra. Knowing how much Junghee missed singing, cellist and music teacher, Alex Nelson (who had formerly performed with Caritas), recommended she reach out to Caritas Chamber Chorale. Junghee is grateful to Alex and is happy to be singing with Caritas.

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