Stop Your Doubting (Recording)

"Stop Your Doubting" is dedicated to William Cuddeback, the 15 year-old son of alto Teresa Cuddeback. William passed from this life to the next on June 8, 2009, the date of the final concert of the series on which this music was performed. This recording was made on June 17, 2009, with Teresa, a beacon of faith to us all, present.

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Recording Program
Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal arr. Alice Parker
To Pray and To Hope
For Those Who Pray
We Do Not Have to Live by Ourselves
Jane Marshall
O sacrum convivium Dan Locklair
O Sweet and Sacred Feast Michael McCabe
Verbum caro, panem verum Paul M. French
Peace Be With You Wayne Dietterick
Ave Regina caelorum arr. Robert W. Schaefer
Not One Sparrow Is Forgotten arr. William Hawley
Nobody Knows the Trouble I See Fernando Allen
Shaker Songs
Lay Me Low
arr. Kevin Siegfried
Wayfarin' Stranger arr. K. Lee Scott
Calling My Children Home Lawson, Waller, Yates,
arr. Joseph H. Jennings
Poor Man Lazrus arr. Jester Hairston
My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord arr. Moses Hogan

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